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MonteZone UK was started by Malcolm Steer who has been involved (on and off) with Lancia Montecarlos and other Lancia cars from the early 1980's, having spotted the Lancia Montecarlo in 1977 in a dealer's showroom. At that time, very few Montecarlo cars were available to actually see and the dealership gave him some brochures, which went on his bedroom wall!

Time waits for nobody and being a total obsessive, he has owned six Lancia Montecarlos since then - two at the present time, and assorted Gamma Coupes, Betas, Alfas and one Ferrari.

Whilst never being in a position to lavish funds on any of his cars, he has learnt that classic car enthusiasts often want great value for money and a friendly, helpful customer service to back it up. However, quality parts are also key - and these are the stated aims of MonteZone UK. We start small but hope to be here for many years and to contribute to the on-going running and restoration of Lancia Montecarlo and Scorpion classic cars.

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