Securing the future for Lancia Montecarlo and Scorpion classic cars

Lancia Montecarlo products list

Lancia Montecarlo products list

3 outlet thermostat

Awaiting product image for 3 outlet thermostat.

Gates manufacture 3 outlet thermostat 87degree or vernet 79 degree (recommended).

Acelerator Pedal Rubber

Accelerator pedal

The big rubber! The acelerator pedal rubber cover for the Lancia Montecarlo and Scorpion. Available now from MonteZone.

Air Filter

Awaiting product image for Air Filter.

OE spec air Filter from top Italian maker UFI

Altenator belt

Awaiting product image for Altenator belt.

Correct length Gates manufactured belt for standard carb set up and DCNF (downdraft) set- ups.

Badge repair panel

Front wing badge repair

Panel to repair the vulnerable Pininfarina script badge area - which always rusts! We known what you need because we do all restoration on our own cars. Simple and effective.

Brake Master Cylinder

Brake Master cylinder

Latest products from Italy. we are one of the few people to offer these with the correct 8mm outlets which is why we have slightly increased price. Regret currentluy out of stock (02/2017)

Brake Union Retaining Clip

Brake hose spring clip

New clips for holding the ends of brake hoses (spring clip)

Clutch Master Cylinder

Clutch Master Cylinder

As with all cylinders - sporadic supply. made in Italy of course. OUT OF STOCK (07/2018)

Clutch Pedal Rubber - Rhd

Clutch pedal rubber - RHD

Standard for all montecarlos

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Montecarlo clutch slave

Montecarlo and scorpion clutch slave cylinder

Constant Velocity Joint

Awaiting product image for Constant Velocity Joint.

A replacement CV joint for either end of the driveshaft.

Contact Set - S1

Contact Set - S1

Facet oe equipment contact set - currently out of stock and not sure if we will be getting any more (09/2018)

Cooling sensor - Cylinder head

Awaiting product image for Cooling sensor - Cylinder head.

The red one that transmits the temp to the dash. Pretty important that it works on our cars.

copper crush washers

Awaiting product image for copper crush washers.

Top quality race proven 1.5mm thick crush washers for front and rear brake pipes

Dayco Cambelt

Montecarlo Cambelt - Dayco

Standard equipment 146t dayco cambelt for montecarlo. oe manufacturer.

Distributor Cap - S2 Facet

S2 Distributor Cap

Distributor cap for s2 - oe equipment direct from facet

Distributor Cap - Series 1

Awaiting product image for Distributor Cap - Series 1.

We hold a small stock of these but future supply could be a problem as now obselete (Jan 2017). It is a more elaborate and bulky cap than S2 versions.

Drop glass - S2

Awaiting product image for Drop glass - S2.

Passenger and driver side drop glass in green tint - complete with mounting rail (attached). You cannot get these new anywhere. Priced per side.

Electric Window Drives

Miontecarlo/Scorion electric window mechanism

Used window mechanisms from S1 variant - but will fit all cars.

Engine Mount set of 3

Lancia Montecarlo Engine Mounts

+ 25% hardness for these new mounts giving a firm but comfortable ride. Also available singly at £30 each. Discounted for set of 3. As far as we are aware there is only one manufacturer of these! OUT of Stock (2018)

Front Bumper

Awaiting product image for Front Bumper.

An OE front plastic bumper that has had minor repairs - but generally very good. Not often available.

Front outer sill section

Awaiting product image for Front outer sill section.

The bit under the front wing (was part of the front factory wing)

Front Tie rod poly bush set

Tie rod poly bush set

Car set of simple pattern poly bushes for front Tie rod arms

Fuel Tank Sender Gasket

Lancia Montecarlo / Scorpion fuel tank sender unit

Identical to the original. rubber deteriorates after 30 years so why risk fuel leaks in your very hot engine bay!

Full Inner sill

Inner sills

These panels are hand made by me using templates swaged professionally. We add all the strengthening holes and flare these + basic inner support brackets. *Please note that these are 1.6 metres long so we cannot send these outside the UK* collection only

Full Length Stainless Pipes

Under floor SS pipes

The major cooing pipes under the car - front to back. Sorry - no longer available

Full Spesso engine gasket set

Awaiting product image for Full Spesso engine gasket set.

Wow - the best and most comprehensive kit - a great saving by buying a full engine gasket set by renowned Spesso. this is the VAT inclusive price. No further discount.

glove box shells

Awaiting product image for glove box shells.

Complete shells with lids but not including trim panel (that screws on outer plastic lid).

Glyco Con rod bearings

Awaiting product image for Glyco Con rod bearings.

High quality OE standard AE Glyco big - end (con rod) bearings.

Glyco main bearings - std

Awaiting product image for Glyco main bearings - std.

New and rarely now available top quality bearings from AE Glyco.

Glyco Thrust washers STD

Awaiting product image for Glyco Thrust washers STD.

The best quality thrust washers. Essential buy for any crank out work.

Goodridge Brake line sets

Awaiting product image for Goodridge Brake line sets.

TUV Certified Goodridge brake line sets.

Half door skin (no loinger ava

Half door skin

For the first time an economic alternative to a full door skin replacement. These half skins go to just above the swage line and are hand made.

Handbrake cable

Awaiting product image for Handbrake cable.

Handbrake cable for the Lancia Montecarlo, direct from Italy - top quality cable. IMPORTANT NOTE - we believe there is a single manufacturer for these cables and have recently had feedback on a manufacturing problem. see datailed description for more info

Haynes Beta Manual

Awaiting product image for Haynes Beta Manual.

Second hand as nla form haynes publishing

Indicator relay - manual

Awaiting product image for Indicator relay - manual.

Indicator relay replacement for OE part. Pattern part.

Linkage bush kit

gear linkage bush set

Replacement Fiat OE bushes for the linkage. As of 01 January 2018 regret price increase due to the weak pound/Euro.

Middle sill

Awaiting product image for Middle sill.

The section below the door. Outer. Not currently available from stock.

Monte water pump

Awaiting product image for Monte water pump.

Correct depth impeller water pump direct from top Italian manufacturer

Montecarlo Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Head

Used heads of unknown provenance but Montecarlo OE numbers

Montecarlo Doorskin (no longer


Hand-made doorskin for the Lancia Montecarlo and Scorpion - right and left

Montecarlo Fuel Tank

Fuel tank

Bare tank form an S2 (black - not as ilustartion) - good condition

Montecarlo Pressure Cap - top

Coolant pressure cap

Suitable for both montecarlo or scorpion applications. Our new variant (2017) is used on classic Ferrari and offers the highest quality for this vital component. Beware of cheap unbranded versions. NOTE - OE CAPS WERE ALWAYS SQUARE.

Montecarlo Rear Lights

Rear light clusters

Second-hand light clusters for montecarlo & scorpion. Very limited stock so not on offer at present. We are now having to increase prices to reflect scarcity.

Montecarlo stripes

Side stripe kit

Excellent quality side stripes in dark grey metallic or gloss black

New front Headlamps - rhd

Awaiting product image for New front Headlamps - rhd.

A pair of new boxed OE headlamps in rhd derivative. Super rare having emerged form 20 years dry storage. The ultimate restoration extra.


Awaiting product image for NGK BP6ES.

Standard quality plug for your Monte


Awaiting product image for NGK BPR6EIX.

Top level iridium plug that can be used every day and also for racing.

Nut for track arm bolt

M10 x 1.25 nyloc

Use with the track control arm bolt

Oil Filler Cap

Oil Filler Cap

Pattern part but as per OE.

Oil Pressure switch - Series 1

Facet (Italy) oil pressure switch for Series One ONLY.

Pininfarina \"F\" Badge

Pininfarina "f" badge

Made by the OE manufacturer but in metal. Ferrari part. Not a cheap copy. The best badge available.

Poly Bush set - rear arms

rear arm poly set

A car set of bushes for your rear arms. These are by a top UK manufacturer and include all the bushes to do BOTH SIDES. Never buy just one side or your suspension will be out of balance. Such good value and quality. Nothing better available anywhere!

Poly Bushes Track Control

Trach conrtol Poly arms

Poly Bush set for the front Control Track arms. One set does both sides.

Rare used Headlamp Lens - Lhd

Headlamp lens - lhd

Used left hand drive drivers side headlamp lens. In stock as of March 2017. Complete used lamp with decent reflector for £220. Lens designation Siem 9200.

Rear Badge Bar Clip - Series 2

Montecarlo Badge Bar Clips

Hand-made basic badge bar clips for Lancia Montecarlo Series 2 cars in stainless steel.

Rear inner arch splash panel

rear inner splash panel

Repair panel fo rear arch splash area.

Rear outer sill section

Awaiting product image for Rear outer sill section.

The section of the lower rear wing.

Rebuilt fuel sensors

Awaiting product image for Rebuilt fuel sensors.

Exchange unit - rebuilt sensors with new resistance wiring - the common fault.

Recon 3 piece clutch

Awaiting product image for Recon 3 piece clutch.

Fully remanufactured unit (in the UK) with new release bearing

Refurbished Headlamps (exchang

Refurbished headlamps

Well - just the reflectors. exchange programme of refurbished reflectors using latest technology. priced as a pair of reflectors and your reflector must not be too rusty - or we can do your own if you prefer.

Rotor Arm - S1

Rotor Arm - S1

Facet - oe equipment. service item so you should keep a reserve.

Rotor Arm - S2

Rotor Arm - S2

Facet Lancia Montecarlo S2 rotor arm (these days in black).

S/S Side Trim Fastener

Stainless Steel trim fastners

Threaded stainless steel fasteners for the exterior metal trims. Only available from us!

S/S Sports Exhaust

Stainless steel exhaust system

It is designed by a specialist UK Exhaust manufacturer and intended for normal road use. Unfortunately this manufacturer has now ceased trading (April 2015). We hope to have an alternative very soon.

S/S Water Pump Outlet

Water pump outlet - 2 branch

Made with stainless steel pipe and designed to replace your corroded steel outlet - 2 branch. Note that the flange on these is steel

S1 butress glass

Awaiting product image for S1 butress glass.

Good condition butress glass - clear for S1

S1 Condensor - Facet

S1 condensor

Lancia Montecarlo S1 OE car part - Facet condensor.

S1 door drop glass

Awaiting product image for S1 door drop glass.

Good general condition complete with mounting.

S1 front SKF bearing

Awaiting product image for S1 front SKF bearing.

S1 front bearing from the official UK distributor, manufactured in Italy. Identical to the bearing that Lancia supplied new.

S1 Ignition Enhancement Relay

S1 Ignition Enhancement

New version of enhancement relay - S1 ignition enhancement relay kit. Prevent damage to your ignition switch.

S1 Rear Badges

Badges - S1

Original second-hand rear s1 badges. Please note that we now only havethe Lancia badge available. Out of stockof the Montecarlo one (Oct'17).

S1 track rod end

A pattern part that is 100% right for your car. Top International manufacturer so quality assured.

S1 Vitaloni Mirror

Vitaloni Californian - RH

Right-hand Vitaloni Californian mirror for Lancia Montecarlo S1.

S1 Vitaloni Mirror - LH

S1 Vitaloni Californian Mirror - LH

Lancia Montecarlo S1 original mirror.

S1 Windscreen

S1 Windscreen

Clear with blue top fade - with black 2cm band around the edge. With the black band. No club discount on this product. No longer stocked - ask for advice on sourcing (-02/17)

S2 Altenator - Reconditioned

S2 Altenator - reconditioned

S2 Altenator - reconditioned Marelli Unit - guaranteed for 1 year and by a local firm.

S2 centre consul

Awaiting product image for S2 centre consul.

Black S2 centre consul. Not including rare S2 map light.

S2 plain quarterlight

Awaiting product image for S2 plain quarterlight.

Used quarterlight glass - undrilled. For rhd passenger side without a mirror. This glass has a small mark in the middle but nothing serious (a scratch).

S2 rear side window

Awaiting product image for S2 rear side window.

Used - both sides available in very good condition. S2 green tint. Priced per side.

S2 tinted mirror glass

Awaiting product image for S2 tinted mirror glass.

Replacement mirror glass direct from Italian manufacture in OE blue tint.

S2 wheel centre cap/badge

Awaiting product image for S2 wheel centre cap/badge.

A quality centre wheel badge for your Montecarlo S2 to replace the faded old one. Great price - chrome Lancia Logo on a dark blue background (Monte's had a black background originally but the difference is not noticeable).

S2 Windscreen

Montecarlo / Scorpion Windscreen

Windscreen as per OE with 2cm black obscuring band. Green overall tint - green top graduation. No club discount on this item. No longer stocked - ask for advice on sourcing. (02/17)

Series One Altenators

Reconditioned by Lucas, S1 Altenator. You must use your own pulley as supplied without. No exchange needed.

Sidelight Stainless steel bolt

Replacement bolts for your sidelights in Stainless Steel.

Silicon Coolant Hose set

Silicon cooling pipes

We have had these specially commissioned through a top UK firm at great expense. The best you can get! Complete sets only - which also include the oil fume pipes at the rear of the block. Out of stock at present

SKF S2 Front Wheel Bearing Kit

Front Series 2 SKF Wheel Bearing

Top quality OE wheel bearing "kit" complete with V-seals and nut. There is no better!

SKF Tensioner Bearing

SKF Tesioner Bearing

The best tensioner bearing and OE fitment. A cheap bearing could fail and could cause severe damage to your engine. Please don't take the risk. I regret we have had to increase the price on these (Feb 2017)

Speedo Cable

Awaiting product image for Speedo Cable.

Correct length 3.6 m Speedo cable at a great price. Direct from Italy and top quality.

Straight S/S Cooling Pipe

Straight stainless steel cooling pipe for Lancia Montecarlo

Straight metal pipe which is located on cambelt side of the engine.

Sump gasket

Awaiting product image for Sump gasket.

Rubber sump gasket

Temperature cut off switch

Awaiting product image for Temperature cut off switch.

The unit that screws into the middle section of the cylinder head (adjacent spark plugs). This unit triggers the overheat light on the dash at temperatures above 115 degrees.

Track Control arm bolt

Track Control Bolt

Hi Tensile bolt for use with front track control arm. Correctr length.

Wing nose repair

Wing nose repair

To repair the drain and fixing of the wing to the area just behind the nose-band.

Winscreen bond

Awaiting product image for Winscreen bond.

Sold in 300 ml tubes - hard setting bond as per OE modern manufacturers use.