Lancia Montecarlo Restoration

Lancia Montecarlo Restoration

Costs of restoring a Montecarlo

Repairing your Montecarlo – the real costs So there it is – the Montecarlo you want on e-bay or one of the free classics ad. A good car (according to the seller) but been off the road for a few years but an easy restoration. The engine hasn’t been used for some time because they […]

Investing in a Lancia Montecarlo

Owning a Montecarlo – the Investors view or, enjoying your car without losing a fortune Before we start it is fair to say that everyone who owns a Montecarlo has made the right choice in my view and you are free to do whatever you want with your own vehicle. This article is intended to […]

Lancia Montecarlo or Scorpion? Where do you start?

There are certain cars that have, historically, proved to be motoring landmarks for a variety of different reasons. Mini, VW Beetle, Porsche 911… and the list goes on. One car that does not immediately spring to mind is the Lancia Montecarlo and yet some cars also have a certain something. You cannot put your finger […]

VAT – Montezone (UK)

To prevent any confusion, We are not VAT registered which means that the price we advertise is the price that you pay – UK, Europe and US. A VAT registered company can reclaim the VAT they pay to suppliers, but then is legally obliged to charge UK and European customers VAT.  US customers do not […]

Fibreglass repro parts – our views

Without a doubt fibreglass is a useful material  for quick and relatively cheap repro parts – but it is not in any way as durable as plastic. Your Montecarlo and Scorpion cars are all over 30 years old and yet most of the plastic has survived.  So our policy is to try to source good […]